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  • Administration Costs
  • Search Costs
  • New Marketers
  • Maverick Purchasing (buying occurs outside the normal channel)
  • Joint Purchasing.
  • System Integration.(with the legacy system)
  • Supply chain management (from push marketing to pull marketing)
  • Collaboration (outsourcing product Design), joint Channel of distribution
  • Middleman(the new service particularly for small business)

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Send Quotes of your products with Photos, They will receive a pdf via mail and Can log on and View full profile

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Social Listening and Insights
With a team trained to analyze the pulse of any audience, we're always listening to social conversations and growing trends to keep your brand on top.
Online Reputation Management
In the world of two-way communication, it is a brand's responsibility to converse with its customers. ORM is a day-to-day strategic tool that allows you to talk with your audience every day, and not just during a crisis. After all, we're in the business of engagement.
Social Outreach
Our Social Outreach program takes every social media platform and makes it work for your brand. Our on-going secret: An idea is more important than a platform; Platforms are fabulous ways to go-to-market; An integrated 360 degree approach to Social; And a 365 day calendar blessed by a content architecture framework.
Digital Out reach
Do you know India never had a digital era? For your knowledge, we jumped straight into a social media era. Having said that, for us, the world of websites, emailers & web banners are a natural part of what we have to offer. After all, digital is a given.
Influencer and Blogger Marketing
An influencer/ blogger is a key individual, celebrity, page, community or forum on the social/ digital space whose voice is always heard. Our social media mavericks decipher which key influencer or blogger works for your brand, and gets them talking!
Media Planning and buying
Well NO, Social Media is not free. In the space of social media and digital marketing, to ensure a campaign is successful, one must invest in it! People, particularly Youth are spending more and more time in the digital social space. At Abbabiz, our exclusive Media team is trained to curate media plans to help you meet this stakeholder.
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